About Us


Over the next 5 to 10 years, the value delivered by the Internet of Things (IoT) will be every bit as great and no less transformational than what the initial Internet has brought to corporations, people, and society over the last 20 years. The fast growth of the IoT and M2M communications will significantly change the way all businesses and people produce, deploy, and consume technologies, products and services in the next 10 years. The delivery of the full promise of ALL THINGS connecting to an Internet originally divined, designed, and built as a network with no realtime or QoS guarantees primarily for delivering text and visual content for the direct consumption of humans and applications will require the adoption and deployment of new innovations and standards at almost every layer of today’s Internet of People (IoP) technology stack from the lowest embedded device design and integration levels, through all the wireless and wired connectivity and networking layers, and up to the data, analytics, application, and decision making levels. IoT Strategy Consulting is dedicated to providing technical and business Consulting Services to organizations and decision makers that need to understand and make the right technology, engineering, and service decisions that will enable their businesses to survive and thrive in the fast approaching IoT/M2M era.