Business Devices, Inc.

Founded in early 2001 Business Devices, Inc.  was the first Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) company to develop technology, products, and services to integrate wired and wireless devices, sensors, and RFIDs “Devices” with the Enterprise Business Applications “Business”.

BDI was the first company to develop M2M/IoT platform technologies to solve the difficult and technically challenging device access, integration, and communications problems. BDI’s technology leveraged and extended the Web Services technologies introduced at the time to address the enterprise application integration market to develop its DDT (“Device Dial Tone”) software technology platform, DeviceSphere middleware & server products, and DeviceSphere hosted service as well as their successful application in a number of asset tracking and fleet management applications in the RFID, Liquid & Propane Gas distribution, Transportation, and Beverage markets to usher the IoT era.


High Level Description of DDT Architecture ver 2.0.B

US Patent-System and Methods for Communicating with Devices as Web Services

DeviceSphere Introduction

DeviceSphere CO2 Telemetry Service