IoT Lives Better On the Edge

Any scan of the Internet of Things literature (IoT), and there is lots of it, exposes the reader to a mix of assertions and impressions that are hard to ignore if you are in the field. The most common theme starts with the usual forecast that the market will soon be awash with tens of

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IoT Open Sores Platforms

Over the past few months I have become increasingly concerned that many companies regularly underestimate the risk of using both proprietary and open-source technologies and solutions in IoT/M2M particularly at the foundational layers. This not only increases that chance that they will make the wrong business and technology decisions, but also that some will be

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The M2M/IoT 15 Year Journey to Public Awareness

Looking back at the ground-breaking M2M/IoT work we have done at Business Devices, Inc. almost 15 years ago it is somewhat surprising to see that, with the possible introduction of REST as the preferred protocol to its close sibling SOAP in some applications, the device access, integration, and communication technology landscape has not changed at

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