Hussein Sallam, Principal  & Managing Director

Internet of Things, M2M, and Wearable Industry Visionary, Pioneer, Business and Technology Innovator and Leader

Over 25 years of business, technology, and operations experience and deep understanding of the strategic and complex issues that drive IoT, M2M, and wearables industry business and technology decisions backed by a Masters in Systems Engineering and an Executive MBA. Extensive strategic plan & business development, technology development, product & service development, strategic partnership development, and operations management in the IoT, M2M, wearables as well as in the complementary data acquisition, telecom, and datacom technologies critical to the future of the IoT in many industries. Mr. Sallam’s experience in these areas include:

  • Founding and managing Business Devices, Inc., (BDI) the first company to develop M2M/IoT software platform technologies and products to integrate wireless and wired devices, sensors, and RFIDs with realtime industrial, telemetry, control, asset tracking, fleet management, and home networking enterprise applications.
  • Leading Business Devices, Inc. to develop the first web services software service platform to integrate devices, Sensors, RFIDs, and other real time devices with telemetry, control, and M2M with real time and near real time applications, to design an award winning multi-protocol RFID reader based on EPCglobal Standards for a major industrial company, and to the company’s recognition with the Maryland New Company of the year award.
  • Developing and deploying stand alone and hosted real time inventory tracking and fleet managements servers, server appliances, and Web Services applications.
  • Developing intellectual property and patents to extend and apply Web Services and Software Oriented Architecture (SOA) to simplify and automate the integration and networking of real time devices with enterprise, industrial, and telemetry applications.
  • Developing and deploying standalone and hosted real time remote sensor and fleet management application and solutions that saved a number of Liquid & Gas Bulk distribution companies 30% -40% of their overall operational cost.
  • Developing global strategic business and technology partnerships and managed strategic multi-national business development, product management, and product development programs and projects to develop and deploy the first ESDR wireless infrastructure and end-user software, firmware, and hardware subsystems as well as the first mobile hand-held consumer & Automotive OEM receivers and realtime backend business and service delivery systems.
  • Managing the development of a new cutting-edge wireless and satellite hybrid technology and a European Telecommunication Standard Institute standard that extended service to mobile users worldwide, doubled capacity, improved QoS, and provided strong anti- legacy protection.
  • Managing the development of the first Linux-based embedded software technology and I/O Server Network Appliance products to enable uniform transparent access to telecommunications equipment, sensors, and realtime data streams.
  • Designing, developing, and delivering the first fully functional commercial, hands-free, voice activated Mobile Windows-Intel based Wearable computer as well as three subsequent generations of Wearable computers with Sony Digital Products and IBM Pervasive Computing Labs, the first wearable head-mounted display (HMD) 14 years before Google Glass, and the first touch-based Flat Panel Display 10 years before Apple.
  • Developing Intellectual Property with many domestic and international patents issued and pending.