First Look: Is Your Business Ready for the “Big Thing”?


The consensus among many people “in the technology know” is that the Big Thing is almost upon us and will not leave anyone or anything unchanged. At a large IT convention last week a marketing executive of a large Database company identifying himself only as Mike was overheard saying to his colleagues after a few drinks one night that the Big Thing is soooo big that the data associated with it will make Big Data appear small. In fact, he added, his company is thinking of skipping “Bigger Data” and going straight to “Biggest Data” to describe what the Big Thing will do to the industry, their business, and their stock prices. When asked about what exactly is the “Big Thing” he had a few more drinks and replied: “while it is too technically complex to explain without a 100 slide presentation and while I can’t share a lot of technical detail with you without an NDA, you can basically think of the “Big Thing” as a cross between Big Data and the Internet of Things.” He continued with a smile: “Yeah, that’s what happens when you leave these two unattended together alone in the market”. The bar went dead silent for a second as everyone held their breath in awe of the powerful logic then suddenly burst with a buzzing noise so high it started to rattle the glasses hanging on top of the bar tender. By now a circle of swaying, staggering, tweeting, and texting people formed around Mike peppering him with questions. Mike continued, “forget about volume, velocity, and variety, that’s for the birds. We are talking about Big Volume, Big Velocity, and Big Variety. We refer to them internally as the 6V’s VVolume, VVelcity, VVariety.” An important looking man in the crowd identified himself as a senior marketing executive of a huge networking company winked at Mike then chimed in: “Mike is absolutely right. We have been working on the Big Thing for a few months now and we believe it may be more technically accurate to describe it as the “Biggest Thing” or the “Biggest Everything”. I mean this thing is too big you cannot deliver it over Cloud or even Fog. You will need to upgrade all your infrastructure equipment to our new more powerful “Mud” technology”. With that the crowd in the bar unconsciously held hands and started to rhythmically quiver and chant: “Big Thing, Big Thing, Big Thing”.